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Planet Technopolitana is OUR WORLD --

The Planet Technopolitana Concept:
Posted December 28, 2017:
The idea behind Planet Technoploitana...    Read More>>
Our Analysis of Big Numbers:
Posted December 28, 2017:
How many 000,000,000s and how many more?
How many people, how much land and water each?
000s + 000,000s + 000,000,000s       Read More>>

Can Seeing Ourselves from Space Help?  Posted December 28, 2017:
Notes on Al Gore & analysis of two books
<<Early NASA photograph of the whole earth from Space -- showing ocean temperatures.              Read More>>
  Please throw your plastic bottle on this website.... Planet Technopolitana's Environmental Bad Behavior Column no 1 >>> Read more

Some Serious Women is a Planet Technopolitana novel. The struggle to save the lives of wounded soldiers with the new & controversial drug penicillin... The reality of a world seventy years into the penicillin era with 3x the population. The grapplings of two generations of related and serious women. >>>Read More.

Question: why did Newton have tiny handwriting?
Suggested answer: Because there was so little paper.

Think of that when flying high and taking the 45 minute shower.
Newton was at the staart at the scientific revolution.
Where a we? Central Planet Technopolitana Question:

Are we trapped in too much? >>>Read More

  Click here for background on the Planet Technopolitana  idea, Bacon's utopia New Atlantis of  1629, and why is premise needs questioning.
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